A Subway Short

He was running late, cursing under his breath as he raced towards the stairs going down the train subway. Why today of all days his car decided to die on him, he couldn’t fathom. Today – when he had that meeting he asked his secretary to schedule in an hour that would bring in millions to his company.

“Shit,” he muttered just as he reached the kiosks to buy his train ticket, patting his pockets and realizing his wallet was nowhere to be found on his person. He groaned before closing his eyes and banging his head lightly on the metal ticket dispenser in front of him. “Of all the motherfucking–”

“Looking for this?”

He stopped and opened his eyes before quickly turning around. He almost gave himself a whiplash as he looked towards the soft, melodious voice that uttered those words, his gaze narrowing as he finally saw who talked.

What the– Are you fucking kidding me??

She was smirking while popping a gum in her mouth as she sashayed towards him, her whole body swaying enticingly as she walked closer. In her tight leather mini skirt, black leather jacket and black leather boots, showing off her long legs that went on for miles – she was a vision. Even her red, captivating lips and her face framed with her luscious brown locks – she was definitely a sight to behold. Not to mention that she had a wicked body, fit to be that of a model. But of course, that wasn’t the first thing he noticed, nope. Even though his eyes were drawn to the curvature of her very alluring ass.

Goddamnit, Evans! Keep it together! Now is not the time!

He then decided to glare at her, as if it was her fault that he was now running late and not his stalling car. As if it was her fault that his traitorous head was thinking how those voluptuous curves would feel against his hands as he gripped her tight when–


He huffed and crossed his arms across his chest, an act of defiance on his face. He put on his boardroom face and combined it with his serious, intense look that would have made even the richest man in the world wet his pants.

But nope. Not her.

With furrowed brows, he still glared at her even as the smirk on her lips never left, her gaze never wavering as she looked straight at him. Like she knew what it was he was thinking.

Today wasn’t going so well already. His alarm didn’t go off which made him wake up late. He couldn’t find his lucky boardroom tie. He almost locked himself out of his penthouse suite. He wasn’t able to get his usual caffeine fix from his favorite coffee shop. Then the final straw – his car overheated and broke down.

And it was only eight AM in the fucking morning!

He was blaming himself, his car and everything else for this shitty morning that he was having. Come to think of it – he could blame her, too. Given that the one thing he needed to purchase his train ticket to take him to his office was currently clutched in her dainty hand.

“I should have known a pickpocket got my wallet,” he muttered quietly just as she stepped closer towards him, a whiff of her enticing perfume wafting towards him, putting his senses into overdrive. He closed his eyes and infinitesimally shook his head, his hands balling into fists at his side as he tried to get rid of the inappropriate thoughts circling his head.

She grinned wider, perhaps noticing his sudden discomfort and tiptoed, leaning up to reach his tall stature. He took a sharp intake of breath as he felt her whole body against him, her soft curves aligning with his hard planes.

“Is that what you think of me? A pickpocket?” she said softly, her warm breath tickling his ear, not even the slightest intimidated with his harshness.
He had to repress a delicious shiver as she stepped even closer, her presence and body heat overwhelming him just as she leaned back as he finally looked straight at her eyes. Her golden brown eyes that somehow felt like it held a million secrets, and not one were you privy enough to know.

She then dangled his wallet in front of his face and before he could even react, took his hand in her petite one and dropped it in. Without another word, she winked at him and turned, before walking away from him – the sound of her gum popping the only remnant sound in his otherwise addled brain.

“See you around, Mr. Evans!” she hollered with her back turned towards him, one hand waving as she continued to walk towards the train tracks.

“How did–”

He shook his head slightly and before he could even process what he was doing, he called out – “Hey! Hey! What’s your name?!”

She turned back around and was still walking backwards as she smirked.

“Why?” she asked.

He shrugged. “You know who I am.”

She rolled her eyes. “Your license is in your wallet. I looked.”

“Then it’s only fair I get to know yours, isn’t it?”

She cocked her head to the side, as if considering his words. And before he could even take back his question, she answered.

“It’s Gianna.”

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