Who We Are

A perpetual daydreamer, Katie Velez, finds herself imagining stories and world whether she’s reading or crunching numbers. She loves fantasy especially those stories set in different worlds. A single mother with an equally imaginative son, they bond over stories of dragons and magic.

She writes enchanting fantasy tales that brings you into a new world and steamy romance stories that would require an accessible thirst quencher, whatever that may be. With a penchant for mythology, especially that of the Philippines, she hopes to one day write an epic adventure that showcases her country’s rich culture. She also wishes to write fantasy novels inspired by local supernatural beings.

As a writer in SWEET Books, she hopes to hone her skills while exploring other genres. She wants to encourage others to let their imaginations run free no matter how scary the path it may take.

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Mayumi Cruz considers herself a continuing student, constantly learning the ropes of writing and enjoying every minute of it. She writes romance with twists and turns, mixing in suspense, action, sci-fi, comedy, drama, and other sub-genres. She loves strong yet feminine female characters and assertive yet sentient male heroes.

When not writing or reading, she spends her time painting and watching TV series and movies. Born in the Philippines where she presently resides with her husband and three children, she is a certified chocoholic and ice cream lover who dreams of creating a great romantic epic someday.

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Loise Lynne is a travel professional in real life, who loves to eat when she is not writing. Her weakness includes men with strong biceps, cute dogs, Backstreet Boys and AlDub. You can catch her on Facebook, Twitter and Wattpad.

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Cathy Jimenez is a wife, mom to 2 lovely boys and a manager/team leader in a HealthCare IT company in Cebu City who doesn’t like to shop but loves to pamper herself in a spa (seriously, she can spend one whole day there and it still won’t be enough for her).

She has been a voracious reader ever since she was 12 years and was introduced to Harlequin Presents stories (that her mom bought for her). Years (and hundreds of novels read) later, she still hasn’t tried her hand in writing until December 2015 when her OTP inspired her to give writing fan fiction a try.

And voila! One and a half years later, she’s still continuously reading, writing and learning about life, love, writing and the challenges therein. She has written flash fiction, novelettes and novellas – by herself, with a partner or in a group setting with varying genres from fan fiction, erotica, romance, and now chick lit!

To read her works, do follow her account in Wattpad. Do check out her erotica stories as well in the “I, Ache” volumes, compiled by Team SMH, also in Wattpad.

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A single mom, an author and a poet. Before AlDub, the phenomenal loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, Chay Mendioro never knew she had creative talents. Her creative fangirling life saved her from loneliness and homesickness, being away from her family and most specially to her five-year-old son by working as an Overseas Contract Worker in Saudi Arabia for two years now.

Her forte is writing poems and fiction in different genres using the Filipino language. But she took the challenge of joining SWEETBooks because it meant freeing herself out of the box, out of her comfort zone, to see the wider world of literacy, poetry, and writing. It also meant widening her horizon, to learn, explore, and be an inspiration for those writers like her who have the potential but lack of courage to try. She believes that writing is a special gift that one should be proud of. Her mantra: Write what you feel and what you think. Above all, write for yourself, not to impress others.

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Ruthie Medina-Ilasco is a full-time, work-from-home wife and mom who loves to travel, loves to take photos, loves to write and loves anything artsy-fartsy. She writes simply because she loves to write and has been writing ever since she was but a wee little child. Plus there are too many voices in her head overlapping one another, (that needs to be quieted), that tell her to do so (otherwise, they won’t let her rest until she writes what she needs to write).

And so she writes. Whatever comes to her mind, she writes. Whatever the voices whisper in her ear, she writes. And as long as the voices do not disappear and are never appeased – she will continue on this writing journey until the end of time.

Ruthie can be reached via her personal email at ruth.ilasco@icloud.com or via her social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Some of her fiction works could also be found on Wattpad. Her other works in photography and other writings can also be found on her personal website.

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