My Agony…

It’s been two weeks
   five hours and
   twenty minutes.
   Since you & I,
   agreed to have a life of our own.
   Without you beside me,
   without me onto you.

It’s not the first arguments,
    squeals and fights.
    I can even count,
    it’s our eighth or ninth.
    A debate
    on simple issues.
    Misunderstandings about life:
    love, relationships, and sex.

    One day, you asked me to let you go,
    and I did.
    No words.
    even if it is painful
    I just did.

But right now…
     random question of whys and what ifs
     screwing off my head.
     And it is not good.
     To felt this, it’s not right
     But still, thinking about you, moves me.

I miss you…
      So badly, I really do.
      But I…
      I have to hold back and let go.
      To save the remaining love that I have for you.

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