Sweetest Sin

“Let’s go, Mina. You aren’t supposed to be here,” Rick whispered into my ear while he held my arm in a firm grip.

I sat at the bar defiantly, pretending not to hear him at all, my confidence bouyed by my friends Johnnie and Patron. “Waiter, another shot please.”

“No. You’re drunk already as it is. Once you’re sober, you’ll realize–“

“That what?” I stared at him with fire blazing in my eyes. “That this is a mistake that I’ll end up regretting? That I am just fooling myself that I could ever escape this madness since no matter what I do, the person I love still wouldn’t love me back? That after all these years of pretending that I am over him, one glimpse of him made me remember that I will still belong to him and only him? That what I am feeling is blasphemous and I am eternally damning myself for feeling this way?”

With gritted teeth, Rick dragged me from my seat, out of the bar and into a cold dark alley. “Let go! You are not the boss of me! You ceased to be the day– oomph!”

Ravaging my lips with his kisses laced with anger, I felt passion replace the rage in my veins and hunger for him ran through my body. The kiss went on and on; I didn’t care for the consequences of what we have done, I just wanted MORE.

Rick’s lips tore away from mine and our harsh breaths filled the air. “I tried to stay away from you, I really did. I swore to stay true to my promise. But no matter what I do, it always comes back to this,” he told me in a hoarse voice.

“No one told you to come after me!” I huffed. “I didn’t tell you–“

“–to forsake my vow as a priest when I gave in to my desires and lay with you? That I shouldn’t remember every moan from your lush lips as I licked down your body, worshipping you in the way I worship the God whom I am supposed to serve? To savour your musky essence as you orgasmed once, twice, several times that night? To wake up hard and aching; my cock craving for your tight, wet pussy?”

I slid to the ground, my knees weakened by his revelation. He knelt in front of me and held my hand. “Mina, I’m ready to give up my life as a priest and be with you as a man longs to be with his mate. I may be damned for doing this but I might as well be dead if I continue living this way. I have nothing without you. Will you take a chance, run away with me, and live in sin for the rest of our lives?”

I held his face as tears filled my eyes, happiness filling my heart. “I do.”

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