You, Me And Coffee

6:00AM. Monday.

“Good morning! What can I get for you today?” the barista at the usual coffee shop he goes to, asked.

She’s new. He sleepily thought as he yawned and scratched his ear, taking note of how lovely her smile was despite the dreary snowy, cold weather outside.

“You’re new,” he voiced out his thoughts before chuckling embarrassedly. “Sorry – I must not be fully awake yet.”

“That’s all right! Yes, I’m new – just started today actually. My name is Mia. What can I get for you today?” she replied, her chipper voice making him slightly smile unawares.

“I’ll have my usual cafe latte please, skimmed milk, less foam. Make it extra hot.”

Mia nodded before asking, “Would that be a tall or a venti?”

“Venti, please.”

She took the appropriate cup size and wrote his order on the cup. “And your name?”


“All right, Brian. That would be $4.25.”

He fished out his credit card and handed it to her. Once paid, he walked over to the other end and waited for his caffeine fix, noting that it was also Mia who was making his coffee.

“Where’s Marco?” he conversationally asked as they were the only people in the cafe, save for one student at one of the tables with headphones on.

“Oh, I was told that his wife gave birth yesterday so they had to pull me from another branch to take over here for the meantime. The other barista called out too due to colds. I think her name was Jessica? Cannot blame her though since this snow wouldn’t let up since last night.”

He chuckled as he realized that she was such a sunny person so early in the morning as she continued to hum under her breath, her smile never leaving her face as she made his coffee.

Which makes her the perfect person to work here.

“Here you go. One venti extra hot cafe latte with skimmed milk and less foam for Brian,” she handed him his order with a huge grin.

“Thanks. See you around, Mia.”


6:00AM. Tuesday.

“Hi, Mia,” Brian greeted as he entered the coffee shop and saw her manning the counters yet again.

“Brian! Hi!” she greeted back enthusiastically. “Would you have that — what is it again? Latte with skimmed milk and…”

“Extra hot and less foam. You remembered,” he commented as he handed her his credit card again.

Mia shook her head as she grinned. “Nah, I forgot a couple of things. By tomorrow, I promise I would remember perfectly.”

He shook his head as he found himself smiling back at her, which in turn made her grin hugely.

“I didn’t know you have a dimple that deep,” she said as she took his cup and proceeded to make his order. “You should smile more. It suits you,” she added once she handed him his coffee.

“I’ll remember that,” he cheekily replied. “Thanks Mia!”


6:00AM. Wednesday.

When Brian went in that morning, he was surprised to find Mia with a steaming cup of coffee in her hand and a huge, beautiful smile on her face.

“One venti, extra hot cafe latte with skimmed milk and less foam for Brian,” she winked at him before handing him his cup. “Told you I would remember this time.”

He laughed as he handed her credit card to her once more. “That you did, Mia. That you did.”


6:00AM. Thursday.

Brian walked into the cafe with a spring in his step. He was starting to look forward to his mornings as he gets his coffee from the pretty barista from his usual coffee shop.

He was expecting his usual from her when he noticed a different cup that she was holding when he went in. He raised a brow at her which made her roll her eyes at him.

“I knew you were going to do that,” she huffed as she handed him a tall cup of something different. “That’s a creme brûlée latte. A special that I concocted for today. Boss said that every Thursday – we must have a special. Oh, don’t give me that!” she complained when he pouted. “Just try it and tell me what you think. If you don’t like it – I’ll make your usual.”

He took a tentative sip then smacked his lips together as if thinking about the taste. With brows scrunched together – he took another sip making Maine even more anxious.

“So?” she prompted as he continued to take sip after sip.

He shrugged before taking another sip. “It’s good.”

“Good?” she asked unbelievingly. “Just good? Gaaaahh… Brian! Are you for real?? You’ve been taking sip after sip of it! For all I know you probably already finished it!”

He laughed as he shook his cup to show her that she was indeed right. “It was magnificent, it was perfect, it was marvelous. The best coffee I’ve ever tasted. You want more? I need to think of more synonyms for good then,” he teased.

She huffed as she pouted. “Now, you’re just making fun of me.”

“You’re cute,” he complimented, chuckling. “Oh, Mia. You are such a breath of fresh air.”


Two months later.

6:00AM. Monday.

Today’s the day. Brian thought as he psyched himself up before entering the coffee shop. I will ask her out today for this weekend.

About damn time, Evans.

Shut up.

He took a deep breath before opening the door of the shop with a huge but nervous grin on his face. It, however, fell when he noticed a different barista manning the counters that morning.

“Marco,” he greeted as he slowly approached the counters, his smile now forced. “How are you, man? How’s the wife?”

“Brian!” Marco replied, a smile on his face as he greeted him back. “The wife is good and we’re both adjusting well with the new baby. I’m glad to be back working though. Are you having your usual?”


Marco rang up his order as he proceeded to make his coffee. While Brian was waiting at the other end, he tried to ask nonchalantly, “So, uhm – Marco. Where is – uh… Do you know where — um…”

“Mia?” Marco prompted, grinning as he handed Brian his fix. “The boss made her go back to our other branch but I think she took a week off or something. Why? You have the hots for her?” Marco ribbed, teasing Brian as his brows went up and down.

Brian blushed and tried to cover his redness by taking a sip of his coffee. Marco simply laughed as he wrote something on a piece of napkin.

“Here,” he handed it to Brian once he was done. “That’s the address of our other branch. Check next week. She’ll be back by then.”

Beian simply nodded before muttering his thanks as he hurriedly went out of the coffee shop, much to Marco’s amusement.

Once outside the shop, he took another deep breath and looked up to the skies. It was starting to snow. He smiled as he remembered the first time he met Mia.

It was also snowing that time.

He shook his head as he continued to smile, closing his eyes as he relished in the feeling of the cold snow dropping on his face.

“Are you simply going to look at the skies or will you at least take a look at what I concocted today for you?”

He looked back down, surprised at the voice he just heard, the coffee cup in his hand dropping to the ground as he saw —


“Hi, Brian,” she shyly said, her beautiful, sunny smile still prevalent on her face as she gazed back at him. She handed him a tumbler and urged him to take a sip. “Since you just dropped your remaining coffee – good thing I made this for you.”

Bria stepped closer and caressed her face with the hand that wasn’t holding the tumbler. “I’d rather have you, to be honest. Than any other coffee in the world.”

She rolled her eyes though she did lean towards his hand on her face before playfully hitting him on his chest.

“Cheesy. But I’ll take it,” she quipped.

They both laughed as they shared the tumbler of coffee that she made for him. It was the beginning of something they would both treasure, more than their love for coffee.

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