An Ode to RJ & Meng


Fangirling for Alden Richards (Real Name: Richard (RJ) Faulkerson) and Maine Mendoza (Nickname: Meng) rekindled and boosted my long dormant creative skills on writing poetry and fiction stories. Last Sunday, July 16, 2017, the fandom celebrated the 2nd Year of their love team. This is my humble gift for these two wonderful people who, two years ago, gifted me too with their own special brand of enthusiasm, positivity, kindness, love and humor at a time I needed them most.


God must have seen
The emptiness from within
The desolation life brings
What existence really means.
Or each and every single tear
Of sorrow caused by death.
Or the grimace in our lips
For a loved one that we miss.

God must have heard
Each and every sigh
When nightly we lie
Burdened with life.
Or the broken heart’s sob
Of a love gone sour;
Or the whine of the bored
When creativity fails to soar.

God must have known
There’s a need for some respite
Bring a spring to every step
Put back our zest for life.
To make our hearts glad
That not everyday is bad
And to once again be inspired
Rekindling our inner fire.

God must’ve known all these
And sent forth these two
A delightful pair, a phenomenal wonder
To dwell in our hearts forever.

And whatever the future brings for them
This, then, is my firm belief:
In His wisdom God knows best —
That alone puts my heart to rest.


~ M.Cruz

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