Way Back Into Love

Closed eyes, frowned brows, deep sighs. HER mind was filled with random thoughts from the past that she wanted to get rid off, while HE was thinking of an urgent solution to a problem he was currently facing.

How can I forget? If everytime I close my eyes – every breath that I take and every beat of my stubborn heart, he is the only one I could think off? I hate this feeling! I love him, but he hurt me – he lied to me. He cheated on me…and damn! It really hurts, but I need to heal myself. I need to. I HAVE TO.



I need to have an engagement ring to win her back. A diamond ring that she wishes – before she makes up her mind to be rid of me, and let go of the four years we had together. But I’m running out of time. Tomorrow is her ultimatum. And yet…my savings is not enough to get her one. Oh God, give me more strength. I really want us to end up together. I love her with all my heart. I can’t afford to lose her – forever.

The cold breeze from the lake blew towards them, as they released long deep sighs, while sitting on separate benches facing the majestic view of Lake Como. Their faces tilted towards the blue afternoon sky, while their heads rested on the backrest. Stefan, the guy seated at the bench on the right, was the first one to open his eyes. He blinked, turned his head to the left  and saw a girl wearing a yellow floral dress sitting alone on the bench, wiping her tears away.

“She looks as lost and frustrated as I feel,” he murmured and sighed after. But as much as I want to comfort her, or lend a hand – I just can’t. How can I do so, if am also miserable?

He thought and looked away.


Celestine, on the other hand, was lost in the past. A week ago, she flew here to Como, Italy to be with her fiancé, only to find out he was already with another girl. Heartbroken and penniless, she was clearly fucked up. To make it worse, she couldn’t think of a way to fix her problems.

“There’s no more reason to stay, Tine. Go back, and forget.” she said to herself, deciding to go back to the Philippines and start a new life without Mark, her ex-fiance.

“Goodbye, Mark. I love you, but you wasted it. I hope we’ll never meet again.” She placed something on the bench before getting up.

Head down and shoulders slumped, she sluggishly took steps and left.


“She’s gone,” he said when he saw that the girl with the yellow dress already left. But as the clouds shifted and sunlight beamed on the empty bench; a shiny thing caught his attention.

Curious as to what it was, he walked over to check it out. He saw a diamond ring that hung from a necklace. The solution to my problem, he  thought, while taking hold of the ring. He looked around and saw the girl already standing by the outpost, waiting for a bus.

He shook his head to dismiss the thought of keeping the ring for himself. With the jewelry in his hand, Stefan ran as fast he could to reach the girl.

“Hey, Miss! Wait! You’re–”

But he didn’t make it. The door of the bus already closed a few seconds after he was about to reach her.

He gasped, catching his breath, while looking alternately on the ring in his hand and the bus that was driving further and further away. He knew it was wrong but…

I guess this was really meant to happen to help me. To save the last straw of the love Sally and I have, he thought positively.




To be continued…

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