Pointers in Writing Romance

Do you want to write romance? Do you read tons and tons of romance books, wishing you can also create even some semblance of a great romantic story?

Writing romance may not be a walk in the park, but it’s not like rocket science either. While anyone can write, not everyone can be a writer. In the same manner, while any writer can write a story, not every writer can write romance.

First, a simple definition. As the name implies, romance is a literary genre that focuses heavily on romantic relationships between two people.

If you are serious in writing a good romantic story, a few pointers might come in handy.

First, and most important is, it starts with an attitude.

To be able to write romance, you must believe in love.

You must believe that it is possible to find great love. The One, your Meant To Be, your Destiny. Because only by believing in love can you weave and tell tales of romance and lovable, swoon-worthy characters.

It’s not enough that you read lots and lots of romance novels, thinking that by doing that, you will unearth the secrets to writing a great romantic story. You might learn the right words, the right tone, the right setting, but you will never truly learn what it takes to write a great romance — without having the heart for it.

If you’re cynical about love, it will show in your story. You can’t write romance with reservations, with your tongue-in-cheek. If you can’t believe in what you are writing, do you think your readers would believe what you have written?

Readers of romance become emotionally involved in a story. They read with their emotions, with their heart. It would be too obvious to readers that you didn’t mean what you wrote if you don’t believe in love and romance.

So, first pointer in writing romance:

Believe that great love is possible.

Next Week: Pointer #2.




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