Sleep (A Short Drabble)

She woke up, feeling a little bit disoriented as she looked around her, quite miffed that she was up when she knew she just went to bed. She then breathed a small sigh of relief when she realized she was in their bedroom. She didn’t remember walking towards their bed but she did remember plopping down on it when she got there. She felt for him beside her, frowning when she felt the cold sheets instead.

Where could he be? She thought.

It was 2:30 in the morning and she was kind of annoyed to be up only after an hour of sleep. It seemed like even sleep was eluding her for the past few weeks.

Couldn’t really complain. What with the new changes and all.

She got up and stretched, her back muscles popping, making her groan in satisfaction.

Oooohhh… That felt good.

She then started to walk out of their bedroom in search of him, her husband, who she remembered was in the bed with her when she came in an hour ago. She had an inkling as to where he could be.

He couldn’t just leave him be, could he now?

She quietly tiptoed towards the room next to theirs and true enough, that was where she found him. Asleep. His arms around a pillow while he sat, quite uncomfortably in her opinion, on the love-seat that was in there.

She stood by the doorway to quietly observed him — them — for a moment, a small smile grazing her lips.

My boys.

Her husband. And her newborn son.

She walked over to where he was and sat down beside him, lightly touching his face, smiling when he frowned for a bit before slowly opening his eyes.

“Oh… Hey, love,” he whispered as he slowly sat up and reached for her, giving her a sleepy but sweet kiss. “Why are you up?”

She slightly shook her head in reply and simply smiled, her hand now caressing his hair.

“Hmmm,” he hummed in approval, his eyes closing once more. “You should still be asleep. You just went to bed like an hour or so ago.”

“I couldn’t sleep. You weren’t there.”

He chuckled as he pulled her closer, encasing her in his arms. “Sieg cried a while ago, just a few minutes after you came in our room. You were totally out like a light and I didn’t want to wake you so I went here to check on him instead. Turns out, he just wanted a little cuddle and song.”

“Why didn’t you go back to our room after?” she asked as she snuggled closer to him, her own arms going around his waist, her head on his chest below his chin.

“I didn’t know I fell asleep here, honest,” he answered as he planted another kiss on her forehead. “When I placed Siegfried back down on his crib, I thought of watching him for a few moments before going back to our room. Didn’t realize that the love-seat here is so comfy.”

She giggled. “You looked uncomfortable in my opinion.”

“Come to think of it, there’s a crick in my neck. Kinda hurts. Will you kiss it better, mommy?”

She pinched his tummy, earning her a quiet laugh as she looked up at him. She then reached up and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Better, daddy?”


Silence ensued after, as they laid there content on each other arms, watching their sleeping son on the crib right next to them.

Pretty soon, she realized that he fell asleep again when she felt his arms loosen around her a bit. She tried moving but he groaned and suddenly whispered sleepily, “Stay. Let’s just sleep here.”

She acquiesced, laying her head back down on his chest, listening to his regular heartbeat, his deep breaths telling her that he was already off to dreamland. She smiled and closed her eyes, and before she knew it – she was also fast asleep.

Content. Happy.


2 thoughts on “Sleep (A Short Drabble)

    1. Thank you Ms. Wuthie!
      As always kaka-gaan ng feeling. And thank you for loving Alden & Maine and writing beautiful stories that we enjoy so much 😍
      Aldub you❤ mmwaah!! 😘

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