Once upon a time, there were two fangirls of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, Philippines’ phenomenal loveteam, who were chatting about some things. (Yeah, yeah, it’s about men in particular 😊) Then they decided to write about it, thinking about other writing projects with different plots and genres too – and share them through publishing in digital and print formats. So they called out four other friends in Twitter who are writers as well and they all said, “Yeah, yeah, we can do that.” And, voila! She Writes, Entertains and Empowers Thru Books (SWEETBooks) is created.

Just to be clear. . .

We are a writing group of six gorgeous women from different places around the world, bonded together by our common love for writing and reading for the pursuit of individual or collaborative writing and publishing endeavours.

We aim to:

🍒 be multi-genre authors with romance as our perennial underlying tenor.
🍒 make readers laugh, cry, swoon, hate, scream, and all other emotions possible through our stories.
🍒 motivate and inspire others to pursue creativity and go after their dreams
🍒 connect with writers, readers and other peers for opportunities to learn, grow and nurture friendships.

Yeah, yeah, we are fangirls who started off writing only fanfiction. But hey, y’all, it’s time to take us seriously.

Will we live happily ever after? Well, there’s always that possibility. 😊

Watch out for our first Anthology!

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