Something Like You

The month of March ushers in the start of spring in America and elsewhere. Here in the Philippines, it heralds the beginning of summer. But whatever season it is named, March will always be extra special to me.

The third day, specifically. The day when heaven sent an angel destined to hold my hand and my heart forever. The day you were born.

Soft sunlight streaming through the dark green leaves of the tree above us touch her hair and I am instantly jealous. I lay my hand over her light brown crown, its ray instead hitting me with the morning warmth.

Before I met you, I was just. . . living. Taking everyday as it comes. Relationships went and passed me by, leaving me discontented and disillusioned. I found myself unconsciously, whimsically saying a silent prayer to an unseen God wishing for someone that will sweep me off my feet and make me forget everything except her.

Be careful what you wish for, they say—you might just get it. Well, I got my wish. But I’m not regretting it one single bit. Continue reading “Something Like You”

Pointers in Writing Romance (#3)


Again, it’s helpful to read Pointers # 1 & 2 before coming to this article. You can read them HERE and HERE first. They’re very important if you really want to write romance.

Pointer # 3 is: Create an interesting, engaging plot.

Some may say, I’m writing romance. That means there’s a girl and a guy who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after or happy for now. Isn’t that interesting enough?

The answer is simple. If you want your readers to keep turning the pages of your book, you must have an interesting, engaging plot, one they can relate to, sympathize or empathize with, awaken their curiosity, and keep them engrossed.

Plots have a way of making the reader put down your book or keep them on their toes. It’s the invisible rope that loops them to your story till the ending, its elements keeping them hooked.

According to this definition by Romance Writers of America, every romance novel comprise of two basic elements: a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. Continue reading “Pointers in Writing Romance (#3)”

Pointers in Writing Romance (#2 in Series)

Disclaimer: I don’t profess myself as a great, even a good, writer. I’m learning to be a better writer of romance day by day. I just want to share what I learn, with the hope that you can get something good out of these too. Sharing is, after all, caring.

I hope you’ve read Pointer # 1 before coming to this article. If not, you can read it HERE first. It’s very important, so don’t miss it!

Now we come to Pointer #2 in writing romance novels. For this one, I’ll have to quote the great American writer and Nobel Prize laureate William Faulkner (September 25, 1897 – July 6, 1962):

Read, read, read. Read everything —trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.

Have you guessed what Pointer # 2 in writing romance novels? You got that right: Read romance novels. Continue reading “Pointers in Writing Romance (#2 in Series)”

Pointers in Writing Romance

Do you want to write romance? Do you read tons and tons of romance books, wishing you can also create even some semblance of a great romantic story?

Writing romance may not be a walk in the park, but it’s not like rocket science either. While anyone can write, not everyone can be a writer. In the same manner, while any writer can write a story, not every writer can write romance.

First, a simple definition. As the name implies, romance is a literary genre that focuses heavily on romantic relationships between two people.

If you are serious in writing a good romantic story, a few pointers might come in handy.

First, and most important is, it starts with an attitude.

To be able to write romance, you must believe in love. Continue reading “Pointers in Writing Romance”

An Ode to RJ & Meng


Fangirling for Alden Richards (Real Name: Richard (RJ) Faulkerson) and Maine Mendoza (Nickname: Meng) rekindled and boosted my long dormant creative skills on writing poetry and fiction stories. Last Sunday, July 16, 2017, the fandom celebrated the 2nd Year of their love team. This is my humble gift for these two wonderful people who, two years ago, gifted me too with their own special brand of enthusiasm, positivity, kindness, love and humor at a time I needed them most.


God must have seen
The emptiness from within
The desolation life brings
What existence really means.
Or each and every single tear
Of sorrow caused by death.
Or the grimace in our lips
For a loved one that we miss. Continue reading “An Ode to RJ & Meng”

I, Woman

I am a woman.
Yet I am not what society believes is THE typical woman.

What does society believe is a typical woman?

For starters, she is someone who loves to cook. Then, on top of that, she is one who can shop till she drops; can’t go anywhere without her big bag; prefers taking care of the home and the kids rather than going up the career ladder.

Oh NO, I am definitely not that woman.

I love to eat yet I hate cooking.
Okay, let me clarify this – I can cook a passably edible meal when I need to. But do I LIKE to cook? No, I definitely don’t. I love watching cooking shows and wishing I could eat their fabulous meals but I do not have the passion and creativity in the kitchen that most people have. Continue reading “I, Woman”



Hi there everyone!

We started a fun game over at Twitter! @SWEET_Books_WG

It’s #TwitterThreadTales  !

We thought of starting up the #TwitterThreadTales not just for fun, but also to empower anyone who has the passion to write but was too afraid or does not know how or where to begin. Well, here’s your chance to unleash your creative talent!


✔️ Every SUNDAY, we will provide a prompt with an introduction/opening paragraph to a new story.

✔️ REPLY TO THE PROMPT with your own idea on how the story should continue to create a THREAD.

✔️ REPLY as many times as you want! You can reply with words, GIFs, pictures. Anything, as long as it tells your idea on how the story should unfold.

✔️ MAKE YOUR OWN TWISTS & TURNS on the story!

✔️ By midnight of FRIDAY, tale threading will be closed.

✔️ We will compile the stories that were spun by you and others like you!

✔️ We will compile it as Chapters in the #TwitterThreadTales Book in our Wattpad Account – and PUBLISH it there.

✔️ Of course, your name will be mentioned as CO-AUTHOR!

✔️ In addition, you will receive this prestigious STAR TROPHY (clipart only! 😄) for your effort and participation 😊

So come and join in the fun! Spin, weave, knit and sew threads of tales originating from a weekly prompt. Make your own twists and turns! Write how you want the story to unfold and continue.

Who knows? This may be the beginning of your amazing journey as a writer. 👍😊





The SWEET Writers

How to Be a Writer

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: READ a lot and WRITE a lot. ~ Stephen King

Want to be a writer? Becoming a writer will come easy when one loves reading, because as we read, we learn. And what we learn from reading, we use to write.

Superblogger Leo Babauta put it clearly:

“What we learn as readers, we use as writers. . . . Over time, our writing becomes in some ways a compilation of all the things we’ve learned as readers, blended together in our own unique recipe.”

Click HERE for Leo Babauta’s inspiring article on the value of reading to become a better writer.