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Last Sunday, September 3, we have finally released the Advance Reader’s Copy of #TheTroubleWithMen to the respondents who would like to read it first and give their book reviews. One of the first book reviews we received came from Reika. It was an honest review, and we appreciate Reika’s support to help us improve the book before we formally release this on Sunday, September 10.

Thanks, Reika!

You can head on to Reika’s book review of The Trouble With Men, but we are warning you now about the spoilers. ūüôā

The Gangster & The Socialite


The Gangster & The Socialite is a romantic comedy story with a crime/suspense twist of two people from very different backgrounds whom fate has destined to meet out of a tragic serendipity.
Marie Megan Montecillo is a beautiful, smart socialite who had been sheltered and pampered all her life. Suddenly, she finds herself targeted for death for reasons unknown to her. Her life turns upside down as she constantly evades her killers until she discovers who is behind the plot against her. Worse, someone framed her for trying to murder her own grandfather.
Out of nowhere, Richard, a handsome, suspicious character saves her and makes it his mission to protect her at all costs and clear her name of all charges.

Despite their colliding personalities, Megan’s cold, icy heart warmed up to his arrogant yet caring attitude. Well, of course, on top of the undeniably explosive chemistry between them.
But what if he is exactly the kind of man she is running away from?
Will she survive with her life and wealth. . . and heart. . . intact?
This first in a series of romantic adventures of The Gangster & The Socialite will flutter your heart and excite you with suspenseful twists as fast-paced action interlope with sweet, passionate encounters.

This is a stand-alone book. Absolutely no cliffhangers for the next Book!

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