Something Like You

The month of March ushers in the start of spring in America and elsewhere. Here in the Philippines, it heralds the beginning of summer. But whatever season it is named, March will always be extra special to me.

The third day, specifically. The day when heaven sent an angel destined to hold my hand and my heart forever. The day you were born.

Soft sunlight streaming through the dark green leaves of the tree above us touch her hair and I am instantly jealous. I lay my hand over her light brown crown, its ray instead hitting me with the morning warmth.

Before I met you, I was just. . . living. Taking everyday as it comes. Relationships went and passed me by, leaving me discontented and disillusioned. I found myself unconsciously, whimsically saying a silent prayer to an unseen God wishing for someone that will sweep me off my feet and make me forget everything except her.

Be careful what you wish for, they say—you might just get it. Well, I got my wish. But I’m not regretting it one single bit. Continue reading “Something Like You”

Sleep (A Short Drabble)

She woke up, feeling a little bit disoriented as she looked around her, quite miffed that she was up when she knew she just went to bed. She then breathed a small sigh of relief when she realized she was in their bedroom. She didn’t remember walking towards their bed but she did remember plopping down on it when she got there. She felt for him beside her, frowning when she felt the cold sheets instead.

Where could he be? She thought.

It was 2:30 in the morning and she was kind of annoyed to be up only after an hour of sleep. It seemed like even sleep was eluding her for the past few weeks.

Couldn’t really complain. What with the new changes and all.

She got up and stretched, her back muscles popping, making her groan in satisfaction.

Oooohhh… That felt good.

She then started to walk out of their bedroom in search of him, her husband, who she remembered was in the bed with her when she came in an hour ago. She had an inkling as to where he could be. Continue reading “Sleep (A Short Drabble)”

Glory of Love

It was the proverbial fight of good versus evil. Everybody saw it coming. Ever since the self-installed Prime Minister Fran Hurgeb announced martial law and ordered for cleansing, eradicating the half-blooded Doans, Richard and Madelaine knew that this called for another challenge. It would be an adventure where they would fight with all their might to defend human rights that has been abused by the evil PM. It would be a fight to take back the kingdom from Hurgeb. It would be a fight that would test their relationship as well.


They were members of the nobility. Richard was the crown prince of the realm, while Madelaine was a duchess and member of the queen’s court. When the monarchy was forcefully abolished due to greed for power, most of the nobles were exiled. Richard had to end his engagement to Madelaine to leave her out of trouble, and to focus on his fight against the said mutiny who took down the monarchy. The ruling sovereign was murdered. The crown prince escaped however, and while in hiding, he created a league that would be enough to fight against Hurgeb’s army. He was technically the king now but unless Hurgeb would step down, the prime minister’s army would still hunt him down for his head.

Continue reading “Glory of Love”

Now Kiss Me

A Twitter follower requested a prompt for a flash fiction where the hero is a psychotic spirit and the heroine is carefree and innocent with a shocking but hopeful ending. This is what I came up with, with a promise to myself that one day, I will write a full-blown story about these amazing creatures.


“You’re new.”

Red, bloodshot eyes stared sharply at her from under thick, black lashes.

She flashed him a radiant smile which lighted up the dreary, bleak box that was his prison.

“I just graduated yesterday at the Academy.”

Smirking, he drawled, “Let me guess. You requested this assignment, eager for a quick promotion.”

Her shoulders shrugged in an adorable manner. “Guilty.”

“Well, you’re in for a disappointment, lady.” And she did look like a lady, clad in a white lacy blouse tucked in a pair of black tailored pants.

There’s something in her smile, though, that tugged at his insides. Something’s off with her, he thought to himself.

“There’s nothing I have to say that I haven’t told the other agents before you. I alone killed those children. I killed them all by setting fire in the orphanage, by myself and myself alone. I have no accomplice. I will die by execution tomorrow standing by my confession.”

For a while, she just stared at him, smiling. He fidgeted under her piercing, yet, kindly eyes. Continue reading “Now Kiss Me”


“What time will you be back?” James frowned as he paced back and forth. He glanced at the door and saw his fellow bodyguards walking down the hall. He went out to follow them, as they were going to have a briefing of the events that occurred for the past two hours.

“Nandito na ako sa Alabang. Malapit na ako kina Dad. I’ll be back this afternoon,” His pregnant wife, Alyana, said. “Don’t worry.”

“Paano ako kakalma at ‘di mag-aalala? Ikaw ang nagda-drive papuntang Alabang. Sabi ko naman sa iyo na huwag ka nang pumunta doon e.” He quietly said. He stopped in the hall, trying to put a quick end to this call.

“I don’t want to discuss this with you right now, JAY. Tatay mo ‘yun. Alam ko naman na hindi mo ako sasamahan na dumalaw doon, kaya gagawin ko na ito ngayon bago man lang ako manganak!” His stubborn wife replied on the other line. Continue reading “Fragment”

Love Marks

“Mommy, what are these?” said my youngest son, pointing at the unsightly marks on my tummy. We were lying down in bed that morning, being lazy during this rainy Sunday, and as I turned, my shirt rode up, exposing my belly.

With wide eyes, he traced a few of the lines, making my tummy twitch. He gasped and asked, “It still hurts?”

I laughed before I answered my little one. “No, silly. You tickled mommy’s jiggly tummy; that’s why it moved. Mommy was trying not to laugh so you could look at it but you are such a great tickler, I couldn’t help myself!” I then hugged him tight and tickled him back in return. Continue reading “Love Marks”

Way Back Into Love

Closed eyes, frowned brows, deep sighs. HER mind was filled with random thoughts from the past that she wanted to get rid off, while HE was thinking of an urgent solution to a problem he was currently facing.

How can I forget? If everytime I close my eyes – every breath that I take and every beat of my stubborn heart, he is the only one I could think off? I hate this feeling! I love him, but he hurt me – he lied to me. He cheated on me…and damn! It really hurts, but I need to heal myself. I need to. I HAVE TO.


Sigh. Continue reading “Way Back Into Love”